Monday, November 12 2012

Rooting Sanei N10 Deluxe on linux command line

The Sanei N10 Deluxe tablet is _potentially_ a good tablet. Unfortunately the original firmware is absolutely useless. To get rid of it the device has to be rooted and re-flashed with something more SANE(I) ;-) Requirements: 1. the device itself - Sanei N10 Deluxe 2. usb cable 3. linux box with  […]

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Monday, September 10 2012

3 steps to have live tracking in JOSM

JOSM live tracking

What you have to have: - JOSM + LiveGPS plugin - android SDK - TetherGPS on you android phone. 1: Start TetherGPS and connect the phone using USB cable (turn on "Debugging" - it's in settings) 2: Type: adb tcp:2947 tcp:2947 - this forwards port 2947 from your phone to your computer.  […]

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Sunday, September 9 2012

OLED icons on Intuos4 tablets [v0.1]

OLED text rendered by pango on Intuos4

I made a simple helper for setting OLED icons on Intuos4 tablets. It can be cloned from here: git clone git:// The helper accepts PNG images (64 x 32, 8-bit/color RGBA, non-interlaced) and it uses only red channel from the PNG file. There are some example icons in icons/  […]

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OLEDs on Intuos4 Wireless are 4-bit!!

Intuos4 Wireless 4-bit OLEDs

I found out that OLEDs on my Intuos4 Wireless are actually 4-bit colour instead of 1-bit. I don't know (yet) a method of setting 4-bit icons over bluetooth, but I have a proof that it can be done over USB. The proof: It's close up of one of the OLED displays on Intuos4 Wireless connected with USB  […]

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Monday, August 6 2012

How to use an android phone as a GPS receiver with GPS-less tablet using only GPL software....

BlueNMEA before connection

... or how to use GPS-less tablet as big screen GPS car navigation. The setup that I tested: - tablet Sanei N10 Deluxe with Android 4.0.3 - Samsung Galaxy S2 with CyanogenMod9 The tablet has no GPS receiver, so my favourite navigation/tracking OSMAnd cannot be used directly. To solve that problem I  […]

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Thursday, August 2 2012

OLED icons on Wacom Intuos4 Wireless PTK-540WL - part 2

recycle icon 64x32 1-bit png

Full workflow how to get a custom icon on Wacom Intuos4 WL (this doesn't work for other Intuos4 family members!) Make a 1-bit 64x32 pixels image. Let's say it's the recycling symbol: Save it to PBM format, raw version. GIMP is perfect for that. Open the newly created file in a text editor. The  […]

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Sunday, July 29 2012

OLED icons on Wacom Intuos4 Wireless PTK-540WL

Tux on wacom intuos4wl 1

I just submitted 2 kernel patches [PATCH 1, PATCH 2 there is a good chance that it's not the final version, but it works] that will allow to set OLED icons on Wacom Intuos4 Wireless PTK-540WL tablet. The patechs create some "control" files in /sys/class/hidraw/hidraw/dev_no/device. The  […]

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Wednesday, July 11 2012

Setting device permissions for Samsung Galaxy S2 with udev

As SYSFS is now obsolete on some systems the rule for Samsung Galaxy S2 should be now: SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTR{idVendor}=="04e8", MODE="0666" See here a previous entry for more details how and where set the rule for udev.

Saturday, August 27 2011

Samsung S2 - best phone ever?

Finally I got my Samsung Galaxy S2. Stay tuned for a tutorial how to root it and install Cynanogenmod in a linux way (no Kies, no Odin, no windows - only Heindall and linux command line)

Monday, June 27 2011

CyanogenMod on LG P500

I finally found some time to play with CyanogenMod. Installation is easy if you know where are the pitfalls - I didn't know. First and foremost: backup! Backup of contacts, backup of text messages, backup of current rom. Then installation of flash_image, recovery-RA-GNM-thunderg-1.1.0.img and  […]

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Wednesday, February 9 2011

Hello World, my first android application in 3 steps (CLI only)

The official android webpage suggests that Eclipse is the best tool for devloping. I tried really hard to set it up, but after 2 days, 6 IRC channels and many differen config switches tested I gave up. PermGen out of memory error finally won with my patience. Looks like my problems were caused by  […]

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Thursday, February 3 2011

LG Optimus One P500 - first steps of an android developer

I got my LG P500 roughtly 30 hours ago, so it's high time to share the first impressions. If you're looking for a review if the phone is good, responsive, have a good display and so on - yes, the phone is quite good and I like it. I bought P500 to get some hands-on experience with android, so the  […]

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Sunday, December 5 2010

Git - the beginning

So, you prepared a bug fix for your favourite piece of software, you're sure that it fixes all problems (also future problems!!) you've ever had and, of course, it's a perfect piece of code. But after sending the perfect patch to relevant discussion list you received something like that: Hi, The  […]

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Tuesday, November 9 2010

GpsMid icons or how to convert svg to png with ImageMagick

i_about.png 39x39

I'm working on a new set of icons for GpsMid. If you're curious how they look check here. The full set of svg and pngs and a sample GpsMid midlet is here. The pngs were created using"Export as bitmap" function in Inkscape, but now I found a better solution: ImageMagick. I started with  […]

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Friday, November 5 2010

GpsMid now oficially using git repo

Project GpsMid has oficially moved from CVS to git. The git repo can be found here. If you want to test it type: git clone git:// and enjoy! I'm not sure how to do it under window$, so please convert to linux and then try it, if you're still a window$  […]

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Tuesday, November 2 2010

Yea, that's just another blog on the net...

I thought it will never happen - I don't need a blog. But a blog seems to be the easiest option to publish some information that are screaming to hit the net. Things related to GpsMid, git for beginers, linuxwacom, OpenStreetMap and other. More to come.. soon.

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