Tuesday, November 9 2010

GpsMid icons or how to convert svg to png with ImageMagick

I'm working on a new set of icons for GpsMid. If you're curious how they look check here. The full set of svg and pngs and a sample GpsMid midlet is here. The pngs were created using"Export as bitmap" function in Inkscape, but now I found a better solution: ImageMagick. I started with simple:

convert i_about.svg i_about.png

but the generated icon was too small:

i_about.png 39x39

I wanted 100x100 pixels with transparent background. Next I tried: 

convert i_about.svg -extent 100x100 i_about.png

but again, the result was not good enough:


Adding -geometry helped a little bit:


The image is very fuzzy. To solve it we have to add -density option. 


Now it looks quite good except for the missing piece - a transparent background. "-background none" solves the last issue: 

convert -density 1000x1000 -background none i_about.svg -geometry 100x100 i_about.png 


This is my perfect ;-) icon for GpsMid!

Friday, November 5 2010

GpsMid now oficially using git repo

Project GpsMid has oficially moved from CVS to git. The git repo can be found here. If you want to test it type:

git clone git://gpsmid.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/gpsmid/GpsMid

and enjoy!
I'm not sure how to do it under window$, so please convert to linux and then try it, if you're still a window$ user ;-) There is also a repo for OSM2GpsMid - essential if you're baking your own midlets with OSM maps.