September 2012 (3)

Monday, September 10 2012

3 steps to have live tracking in JOSM

JOSM live tracking

What you have to have: - JOSM + LiveGPS plugin - android SDK - TetherGPS on you android phone. 1: Start TetherGPS and connect the phone using USB cable (turn on "Debugging" - it's in settings) 2: Type: adb tcp:2947 tcp:2947 - this forwards port 2947 from your phone to your computer.  […]

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Sunday, September 9 2012

OLED icons on Intuos4 tablets [v0.1]

OLED text rendered by pango on Intuos4

I made a simple helper for setting OLED icons on Intuos4 tablets. It can be cloned from here: git clone git:// The helper accepts PNG images (64 x 32, 8-bit/color RGBA, non-interlaced) and it uses only red channel from the PNG file. There are some example icons in icons/  […]

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OLEDs on Intuos4 Wireless are 4-bit!!

Intuos4 Wireless 4-bit OLEDs

I found out that OLEDs on my Intuos4 Wireless are actually 4-bit colour instead of 1-bit. I don't know (yet) a method of setting 4-bit icons over bluetooth, but I have a proof that it can be done over USB. The proof: It's close up of one of the OLED displays on Intuos4 Wireless connected with USB  […]

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