February 2014 (3)

Friday, February 28 2014

i4oled v1.2 is out

Version 1.2 of OLED handling tool for Wacom Intuos4 Wireless is out! Most important changes are that now i4oled allows to use base64 encoded strings as input or output and it allows multiple outputs at the same time. The base64 strings can be used with gnome dconf-editor to show an icon instead of  […]

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Thursday, February 27 2014

Using Wacom Intuos4 Wireless in unusual way


How to make clock out of your wacom tablet (with OLEDs obviously)? There is one thing required - it's i4oled The "clock" can be set up over usb or bluetooth link. The example below uses bluetooth 1. Connect tablet. 2. Change permissions for OLEDs as we want to use i4oled without root  […]

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Monday, February 17 2014

How to change OLED label on Intuos4 tablets on gnome


If you have that tablet you probably want to have full control of what is being displayed on those little OLED screens on the tablet. Currently gnome doesn't give option to change it - you just have to accept whatever was generated for you. Or, do you? This is a workaround and I hope in long run we  […]

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