Python library for Raspberry PI for Ultimate GPS based on MTK3339 with serial interface as sold by Adafruit. The library helps to set different chip parameters in a sane way. Currently supports minimum functional set of commands:

CMD_HOT_START - hot_start()

CMD_WARM_START - warm_start()

CMD_COLD_START - cold_start()

CMD_FULL_COLD_START - cold_reset()

SET_NMEA_UPDATERATE - set_nmea_update_rate()

SET_NMEA_BAUDRATE - set_baudrate()

API_SET_FIX_CTL - set_fix_update_rate()

API_SET_NMEA_OUTPUT - set_nmea_output()

SET_NAV_SPEED_TRESHOLD - set_nav_speed_threshold()

All functions are preforming basic range check to make sure values areaccepted by MTK3339 as there is no check if a call was successfull or not.

Example usage:

import mkt3339

gps = mt3339("/dev/ttyAMA0")






gps.set_nmea_output(gll = 0, rmc = 1, vtg = 0, gga = 5, gsa = 5, gsv = 5)

That library is part of Open Cycling Computer project