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Monday, August 6 2012

How to use an android phone as a GPS receiver with GPS-less tablet using only GPL software....

BlueNMEA before connection

... or how to use GPS-less tablet as big screen GPS car navigation. The setup that I tested: - tablet Sanei N10 Deluxe with Android 4.0.3 - Samsung Galaxy S2 with CyanogenMod9 The tablet has no GPS receiver, so my favourite navigation/tracking OSMAnd cannot be used directly. To solve that problem I  […]

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Saturday, August 27 2011

Samsung S2 - best phone ever?

Finally I got my Samsung Galaxy S2. Stay tuned for a tutorial how to root it and install Cynanogenmod in a linux way (no Kies, no Odin, no windows - only Heindall and linux command line)